So it episode along with put the tone toward Daria-Trent sexual stress

“Highway Worrier” try the latest eleventh episode of the original 12 months off Daria. They first shown into the MTV on July 7, 1997. Brand new episode can be incorrectly also known as “The street Worrier,” because of the name of one’s motion picture from which brand new episode identity is derived.

Realization [ revise ]

The storyline starts because the Daria was at this new Lane’s, viewing Jane founded a statue with her brand new adhesive firearm, brand new Stickmata 5000. He could be disrupted by an extremely loud accord you to ruins the new sculpture and you will Jane uses the chance to drag Daria into cellar, presenting her to help you Mystik Spiral, Trent’s band. On meeting him, Daria are abruptly mute, muttering merely good ‘Hi’ and you can failing continually to bring sarcastic methods to his questions. Trent invites the new girls to become listed on him and you will Jesse within the an effective stop by at tunes event Alternapalooza.

A great deal more teenagers for the Lawndale are likely to the music festival: The style Bar is actually looking when preparing, and you may Quinn actually gets a fake tattoo. She’s scared whenever Daria informs their particular she is as well as heading, however, quiets down when Daria cards they will not enjoys much contact about group, and also has the benefit of their unique sis particular fashion tips. Jakes tells all of them away from his experience into the Altamont and will be offering particular currency and you can pointers.

Daria and you will Jane was chose in the Tank, Maximum Tyler’s dated van. It has got absolutely nothing morale having individuals, toward girls being forced to chair towards a giant flightcase in the back and having no seat belts. The latest travels was a weight to help you Daria, because openings throughout the roadway bring about her to fall and you will crack their particular glasses, a great bee stings her and you can she after finds she would come seated towards an old sandwich. In order to ideal it all, she’s got to endure Jane’s low-prevent flirting.

Quinn is actually obtained by around three J’s, which drive together with her additionally the remainder of the Fashion bar during the Sandi’s convertible. Brittany, Jodie and you may Mack also are supposed, getting passionate into the event inside the Kevin’s Jeep.

Every organizations stay in a good roadside diner, where he or she is greeted and served by a sensible mouthed waitress. While truth be told there, Jodie, Brittany, Kevin and Mack talk about the spartan requirements out of Alternapalooza performance.

After when you look at the travel, immediately following particular big customers and Daria that have needed to lightens by herself within roadside woods, the new Tank suffers a malfunction plus the foursome try leftover stranded. Jane enlists Jess to go look for help immediately after your local job, an obvious decide to hop out Daria and you will Trent to one another. Both of these display specific connecting minutes if you’re speaking of lifetime. Daria informs Trent he or she is daring to visit after their dream and this he could be carrying slavic women for sell out just what he desires. Trent is thankful and comments Daria.

Jane and Jesse return afterwards, having found no let, and you can Jane sooner or later uses their unique glue weapon to resolve the brand new Tank’s engine. Although not, by this time the newest performance is more than. Along the way back, Jess and you will Jane bed on the rear of your own van if you are Trent and you can Daria share the front chair, both experiencing the quiet and you will business.

Meanwhile, The fashion Bar have an unexpected change out-of arrangements after they look for and you may roadside incorporate for outlet shopping, with Kevin’s jeep after the all of them whenever Brittany truthfully interprets Stacy’s signal. They end up not visiting the performance sometimes.

In the event that Morgendorffer siblings appear house, the next day, it get a hold of Helen and you will Jake in a very relaxed feeling, clearly having taken full benefit of the daughters’ absence.

Trivia [ revise ]

Daria don’t understand Trent had a band prior to this, despite understanding the Lanes getting months! How performed one to never developed?

The idea, since explained immediately after from the one of the publishers, try you to definitely Daria is actually therefore blunt much of the time, but is made almost speechless as much as Trent.

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